MusicEase Professional Features

The professional version includes all the standard version features plus additionally:

  • Durations from double dotted whole to 64th note.
  • Square, diamond, triangle, pyramid, half circle, cone and X notehead shapes.
  • MIDI files can be imported into MusicEase.
  • Pieces can be scaled down to 20% of their normal sizes. Individual staves in a system can be scaled to different sizes. Cast off and justify take this scaling into account.
  • Additional symbols.
  • Fingered tremelos.
  • Invisible staves are supported. During MIDI playback, only visible staves are played. This also allows part extraction as when saving, you can specify that only visible staves will be saved.
  • A single piece can be up to 40 pages long.
  • Grace notes.
  • Any piece can be quickly converted to a "shape note" piece as is found in Sacred Harp and other "Southern" songbooks. Seven shapes are available. The shapes associated with scale degrees can be customized.

  • Running heads (headers and footers).
  • Overlays are provided which allow things like the creation of long wavy, jagged, dashed and solid lines often used for tremelos, shakes, 8VA and so forth.
  • System dividers can be inserted between systems.
  • Normal (round) notes can also be displayed as cue notes.
  • Staves can have headings (instrument names) to their left.
  • Measure numbers can be automatically added or deleted.
  • Multiple measure rests.
  • Phrase marks.
  • Wedges (hairpins).
  • Up to 25 verses.
  • Keystroke record macros.
  • Up to 4 independent voices per staff.
  • Users can define new symbols.

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